Caring for

the Planet

Join the Planet-Conscious Movement

The Earth

Is What We All Have in Common

– Wendell Berry

Plant-Based Meat…

  • Uses 72-99% less water than conventional meat.
  • Emits 30-70% less greenhouse gas.
  • Uses 47-99% less land.

Plant-based diets aren’t just better for us, they’re better for animals and for our planet. Ruth’s was founded from a growing concern for the sustainability of our one precious planet and the health and welfare of the people and animals who live on it. We are proud to be part of the growing movement to reduce our carbon footprint by consuming less meat. Together with you, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

This Wild World…

As a leading cause of deforestation, you will never find soy in Ruth’s products. Choosing Ruth’s helps keep this world as it was meant to be…wild.