A Manifesto


Ruth's Vegetarian Gourmet Logo
At Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet, we believe in the magic of childhood.

In playing outside until dark. In wagon rides, in county fairs, in working with our hands.

In showing up and taking chances. In messy kitchens and small batches.

In giving more than you take. In making casserole for your neighbor.

We believe that recipes are our most valuable heirlooms.

That food is the great human connector.

That there is no kindness too small to matter.

That children are our greatest teachers.

That it’s the simple moments we remember when we’re old, like bubbling red sauce on the stove.

That when we eat better, we feel better.

That we can do better for our planet and our four-legged friends.

That the little choices we make every day can add up to one big change.

That plant-based protein is the future. That keeping it simple is always best.

That the future of planet-conscious eating looks delicious.

That good food is love. And that “time for dinner” is the sweetest phrase we’ll ever utter.