No-fuss, delicious vegetarian options in bulk for food service
for your restaurant, cafeteria, educational institution, hospital, or nursing home

Ruth's Gourmet Sweet and Tangy Meatless Balls


Serve Ruth’s?

Plant-Based Meat is on the Grow

With a growing concern for the environment, more and more people are looking for meat alternatives. Ruth’s makes it easy for you to offer delicious vegetarian items on your menu.

Clean, Honest Ingredients

With no soy, fillers, dyes, nitrates, MSG, or corn syrup, our food is made in small batches from real ingredients you can find in your very own kitchen.

Family-Owned, Community Focused

Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet is a family-owned business dedicated to making the world a better place one meatball at a time. That’s why we dedicate 20% of our profits to charities that help meet the basic needs of people who need it most.

Ruth’s Can Help
You Do Your Part

Let us make it easy for you to contribute to a more sustainable future

Fact Sheets

Homestyle Vegetarian Balls

Food Service MPC: 0710

Sweet & Tangy
Vegetarian Balls

Food Service MPC: 0711

Pepper & Cheese

Food Service MPC: 0716

American Vegetarian Crumble

Food Service MPC: 0718

Ruth's Vegetarian Gourmet Sunflower Patties
Sunflower Vegetarian Patties

Food Service MPC: 0720

Breakfast Patties

Food Service MPC: 0723

Pepper & Cheese

Food Service MPC: 0709