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Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet meatless products are available in bulk for food service in restaurants, cafeterias, industrial caterers, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes as a healthy, easy to prepare meat alternative.

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Our products are made with only the best high-quality ingredients. We have worked with our vendors to supply clean ingredients free of nitrates, MSG, corn syrup and trans fat. Our products are fully cooked and ready to eat in minutes!



We use healthy ingredients like pecans and cannellini beans. Pecans are an absorbable protein, full of manganese and potassium which helps with digestion and reduces blood pressure and reduces chances of stroke. Cannellini beans are a great source of fiber, iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, and calcium!

Original Veggie
Meatless Balls

Food Service MPC: 0710
Retail MPC: 0707

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Sweet & Tangy
Meatless Balls

Food Service MPC: 0711
Retail MPC: 0708

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Pepper & Cheese
Meatless Burger

Food Service MPC: 0709
Retail MPC: 0706

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Meatless Crumble

Food Service MPC: 0718

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Ruth's Gourmet Savory Original Meatless Balls Packaging

Savory Original
Meatless Balls

Food Service MPC: 0712
Retail MPC: 0700

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Jalapéno Mustard
Meatless Balls

Food Service MPC: 0713
Retail MPC: 0705

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Meatless Patty

Food Service MPC: 0726

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Our meatless balls and patties are now available in retail stores across Central and Northern Minnesota and select stores in Central Wisconsin.