We believe that nothing brings a family together across generations like a home-cooked meal…and we can’t wait to share our Ruth’s family tradition with you.



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It all started with…


Decades before plant-based meals were trendy, Doris Ruth was joyfully experimenting with simple, wholesome vegetarian recipes in her humble Midwest kitchen.

Wife to an auto mechanic and mother to four active boys and a girl who loved horses, cooking from scratch was a full-time job. With a yearning to nourish her growing family without the concern of meat additives, Doris Ruth tried every meat-free recipe she could get her hands on—clipping out new meal ideas from magazines and trading recipe cards with the ladies at church.

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Ruth and kids

Before long, Ruth’s coveted recipe book was packed with delicious family favorites like tangy meatless meatballs and vegetarian loaves that family and neighbors would come to know her for.

Through her quiet actions and big heart, Doris Ruth raised her kids to be humble, hardworking and quick to help neighbors in need. Saturdays at the farmhouse were spent hosting a house full of cousins and friends who gathered around the table for fellowship and a wholesome meal. When the holidays came around, Doris spent a month planning the meal and baked dozens of cookies—a variety for every favorite.

To Grandma Doris Ruth, food is love.

It’s been more than 50 years since Doris Ruth set out to raise her family on hearty vegetarian meals. And today, she continues to inspire her children and grandchildren with her contagious enthusiasm in the kitchen. Doris Ruth believes that her most beloved recipes are meant to be shared with our family and friends. Her generous and hardworking spirit is like an afghan for the soul. Her values have knitted our family—and our business—together so we can feel healthy and connected around the table and in our lives.

We can’t wait to bring you more great tasting home-cooked meals from Grandma Doris Ruth’s kitchen. Thank you for taking part in our family tradition.

At Ruth’s, We Believe that Simple is Best.