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Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet is a family frozen food company located in Two Harbors, MN. We believe we offer the best vegetarian and vegan food products on the market.


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We use recipes passed down from generations that have brought people together for decades. We value and believe in our people and the integrity of our product. Each product is carefully made in small batches by experienced people who love our food, care about our product and are committed to Ruth’s family.

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We keep our shipping, supplies, taxes, and charity local! Local jobs keep money in our local economy. We have established relationships with local business partners, our spices are supplied by McQuades Herbs and Spices here in Two Harbors, MN.

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Better for the planet

Ruths Vegetarian and Vegan Gourmet Foods are so satisfying and fulfilling with no harmful fillers yet so delicious that even meat eaters ask for more! Because we leave less of a carbon footprint from our plant-based foods, it means a healthier Earth.

our story

Ruth, a lover of providing hearty meals and a believer that a good meal could bring even the most widespread family together. Ruth could be found in the kitchen on holidays and before every family get together. 

As her son, Bruce grew up, moved out of the house and became busy, he looked for store replacements of his mother’s vegetarian dishes. A busy adult, Bruce didn’t have the time to make dishes that helped him stay part of the vegetarian lifestyle. Items were bought at the store, but they didn’t measure up and could never beat his mother’s homemade vegetarian meals.

After successfully starting several enterprises and finding the market ripe for plant-based products. Bruce decided to jump in with both feet and start a company specializing in vegetarian dishes for the discerning shopper using his mother’s family recipe.

According to Bruce “I just couldn’t buy vegetarian food as good as she made it and making it at home takes a lot of time and you have to be a good cook! I knew once people tried it, they would be like ‘Wow!! Best vegetarian food ever!’ And, that is what our food test have shown. People do love Ruths”

Today  Ruths Vegetarian Gourmet is still made using the same family recipes, with the same simple, clean ingredients, from scratch in our kitchen in Two Harbors, MN.

Adnis Ruth

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Our meatless balls and patties are now available in retail stores across Central and Northern Minnesota and select stores in Central Wisconsin.