Ruth’s Story

I’m Doris Ruth, and I love cooking. I guess you could say it’s my passion. It’s been nearly 50 years since my husband and I decided our home would be vegetarian. If you think it was easy at first to convert 5 growing kids to vegetarian eating, you’re wrong! No turkey or chicken or hamburgers?!! No meatloaf or roast beef. “Mom! You’ve got to be kidding!”

Adnis Ruth

So, let me tell you the story. First, a lot of the things I make are recipes that were developed over many years by my church family, and some are my own. I come from a church background that promotes good health in mind, body and spirit through a predominantly vegetarian diet. What you put in your body combined with regular exercise, spending time with nature, God, and family results in a healthy, balanced life. Vegetarian or Vegan cooking is part of the recommended lifestyle.

I do know one thing – It works. Go on the internet and search for ‘Blue Zones’-Loma Linda California and find out about it. I know this much too – It wasn’t long until my family (a husband and 5 kids) was eating everything on their plate and asking for more. That made me happy! And, I’ve got to admit, I took a little pride when it was ‘my’ food that was always gone first at church socials and potluck dinners. Kind of makes a person feel good.

Anyway, all the food at Ruth’s is from the local market. All we do is mix it up, bake it and freeze it. All you do is thaw it, warm it and serve it. Wholesome, simple ingredients combined in great tasting recipes. It tastes like homemade – because it is.

By the way, I’m 84 now and I still like going through my recipe card box, making new things and experimenting a bit. And they tell me I’m still a pretty good cook!! I wish you could stop over and try my lemon meringue pie! Maybe for dessert after some Ruth’s Sweet and Tangy balls with scalloped potatoes.

Ruth’s today

I’m Bruce. I’m her oldest son, and I’m a part of Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet. All I can tell you is: STAY OUT OF HER WAY IN THE KITCHEN!!

Look……. our mother was, and is, a great cook! Best Mom on the planet. This company and this food are her legacy from her, to us, to you. Old school. Simple. Good. Real.

We hope you’ll try it and write to us about what you think.

— Bruce

Gourmet goodness

Ruth’s Vegetarian Gourmet is a family frozen food company located in Two Harbors, MN. We believe we offer the best vegetarian and vegan food products on the market.


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We use recipes passed down from generations that have brought people together for decades. We value and believe in our people and the integrity of our product. Each product is carefully made in small batches by experienced people who love our food, care about our product and are committed to Ruth’s family.

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We keep our shipping, supplies, taxes, and charity local! Local jobs keep money in our local economy. We have established relationships with local business partners, our spices are supplied by McQuades Herbs and Spices here in Two Harbors, MN.

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Better for the planet

Ruths Vegetarian and Vegan Gourmet Foods are so satisfying and fulfilling with no harmful fillers yet so delicious that even meat eaters ask for more! Because we leave less of a carbon footprint from our plant-based foods, it means a healthier Earth.

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Our meatless balls and patties are now available in retail stores across Central and Northern Minnesota and select stores in Central Wisconsin.